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order online


Buyer orders the product electronically after selection on the basis of images and basic information about the product on the website. Pictures are illustrative and may not correspond in every detail with actually available product.

Click the " add to cart" the selected product is in the shopping cart . The procedure is repeated until the end of the selection, which is done by clicking on the " view cart" .

After selecting the desired product buyer leads to order in which data is entered on the payment method and shipping address. After that, click on the " Buy " order is executed.

Order confirmation and acceptance Seller will electronically deliver to the Buyer .

Product not registered putting the cart but only after confirmation of payment by the Buyer.

In the period of placing the product in the basket until payments are a possibility that the amount of products are no longer available which will inform the buyer to the seller mail or telephone, a customer then has the option to cancel the ordered product or look for a replacement . Clicking on in that particular field , the customer will choose one of the options .

* note : soon we open the door to webshop , in which the specified text refers