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Using the site

Using the site

Web site user agrees :

- not to enter or distributed through the website content that is contrary to the regulations , facilities that violate other people's rights and interests and threatening, vulgar , pornographic and similar facilities.

- not to infringe intellectual property rights, not documents, data and information published on the website reproduce, distribute or in any way used for commercial purposes but for personal use provided that all copyright and proprietary rights of any service provider or third parties.

Website user / customer guarantees and is responsible for entering accurate and complete information when registering and filling out a form when you buy in your store.

The content of this web site web site user / buyer accepts all risks arising out of the use, and use one accepts the contents of the website / Webshop exclusively for personal use and at your own risk.

The service provider / seller does not guarantee the accuracy, truthfulness or reliability of any information and data stored on the web site if and when the data is downloaded from another source .

The service provider / seller shall not be liable for any direct , indirect, incidental, material or immaterial damages or costs incurred as a result of the use or inability to use any of the information available on the web site.

The service provider / seller will not be responsible for any consequences arising from the unavailability of the Website for any technical reason or interrupted Internet connection when using the Webshop and neither will match or bear the costs for the use of computer equipment and telecommunications systems to access web pages and internet store.

The service provider / seller has the right to prevent access to users on the web pages which perform actions contrary to these terms and conditions of use and on this basis has no responsibility .


Privacy Policy

Service provider ( seller ) - is obliged to protect customers' personal data in a way that it collects only the necessary, basic information about customers which are essential to the fulfillment of obligations to customers .

Seller shall not illegal to distribute information about customers or involve customers in marketing projects or campaigns without the customer's permission.

All data about users and customers is strictly confidential and available only to employees who need such information to perform the job .

Designate a specific field (es ) on the web site it is considered that the user consents to the collection, use , processing and transfer of personal data needed to use the web and to provide data to third parties for the performance of services to the customer / buyer as well as for its own records and databases and to inform users about new products and services.

The service provider / seller will allow users / customers to access their personal information to ensure that personal information is accurate , complete and updated . If users / customers request deletion of personal data , the service provider will allow it but that users agree that they deny access to certain content on the website .